An opportunity for deeper exploration

Yoga To Go Studio - 106 - 108 Crystal Street, Petersham
Cost $40 per workshop
Time 3:pm - 5:30pm

Saturday series workshops are suitable for Yoga practitioners Level 3 and up with a consistent personal practice that includes Inversions. Bookings are essential.

June 10 - Inversions
Just as an artist needs to stand back from a painting to get perspective, so a yogi finds value in going “topsy turby” or upside down to find clarity. This clarity extends to viewing the fundament physical actions of a pose upside down, which often bring imbalances to the surface, to later be worked on. It also extends to giving us a different view on life. We often have a very different “headspace” when we come down after an inversion than we had when we went up. Come explore this!

July 1 - Baby it’s cold outside! When it is cold we want to stay inside, but life must go on. So how do we create warmth inside? We will explore the “heating” and energising poses to bring the warmth within.

August 5 - Eka Pada's
The term “eka pada” means one foot, or one legged. Many asanas have one legged variations which challenge us as we are confronted with a-symmetry. We must also learn to stabilise at the core to maintain balance. In this workshop we will practice a playful sequence of postures with eka pada variations to foster strength, balance and integration.



September 2 - After Urdhva Dhanurasana
You can push up into Urdhva Dhanurasana - hurray!!! Now where to? Many of the back bends from here get more compact, involve more complicated, and at times almost contrary actions. The key here is to create space in the joints and the vertebrae even as the poses get tighter. This must be done consciously and methodically so as to not over tax areas that are naturally more flexible and underwork areas that are not. It is moulding and sculpting.

October 7 - Purva - the East! This workshop is focused on the anterior, or front of the body. While we can see it and might have awareness of it, our general day to day activities cause us to fold or collapse to the front. We will counter this!

 November 18- Paschima - The West! This refers to the back, or posterior side of the body. This workshop will focus on activating and then stretching the posterior, to bring awareness to the side of the body that we can not see.

February 10 - Arm Balances
When we learn to balance on our own two feet we feel empowered, able to hold our own weight in space. Where to go from there? Learn, systematically, how to balance on your own two hands!