Andre Gregory, Legendary Theatre Director
New York City. USA

It is clear from the quality, depth and penetration of their teaching that both Henryk and Tamar have spent numerous years devoting themselves to the practice and teaching of Iyengar yoga. There is a warm and harmonious simpatico between the two, a warmth and generosity of spirit which extends deeply into their unique individual manner and styles of teaching. This simpatico enables students to be easily taught from either teacher. They both teach with clarity, awareness and a true appreciation of, and adherence to, the Iyengar lineage. It is very apparent from their teaching — which includes numerous tips, anecdotes and musings — that they have each been to Pune numerous times and have spent a large amount of time on the mat incorporating those experiences into their own practices. Their precision and attention to detail in asana and pranayama practice is incredible. This technical proficiency is combined with a palpable passion for the subject matter, an ability to cut though resistance and, perhaps most importantly, and empathic and genuine concern for the growth of their students (on and off the mat). I thoroughly recommend stepping on to the mat with them.

Scott Read
Osteopath and Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Sydney, Australia

Tamar Kelly and Henryk Li kiewicz are the Iyengar Yoga teachers to whom I am very grateful. They were both a huge support in helping me refine the art of my yoga practice and honing my teaching on my path to achieve the Junior Intermediate level in the Iyengar Yoga Method. Both Henryk and Tamar have very different personalities sensitizing and enriching the yoga student to cultivate a fresh daily practice. I learned a lot from Henryk’s skill of the important manual adjustments, especially during the medical classes. I appreciate his very detailed, scientific perception of the bodies actions and it’s influence on the mind and breath while being in asana. The long timing in yoga poses during Henryk’s classes give a great opportunity for the advanced student to explore the depth of the yoga poses. I admire Tamar’s teaching for her ease of communication and live interaction with her students. I took a lot from the energy she creates during the yoga sessions and her great skill of clear explanation and ability to link the sometimes very complicated actions between different asanas. I find it very helpful to understand the essence of yoga. I also appreciate the space she gives to each of her students to find their own way to get into and adjust within the yoga pose. Both Henryk and Tamar are very good observers and give help to all their students during their classes which confirms their huge experience and high level of their teaching.

Dorota Kobos
Certified Iyengar Yoga instructor and artist
Warsaw, Poland

My recurrent back problem drove me to yoga. And I could not have asked for a better introduction to the world of yoga! Tamar and Henryk are unique in understanding the true essence of yoga practice. Their holistic view, understanding, and embracing of the philosophy of yoga makes them very special. They not only teach the minute details of every pose, but also communicate its deeper meaning and its ultimate purpose for the body, mind, and soul. Their thorough understanding of the anatomy with all its medical implications ensures that the students feel safe in their hands. Furthermore, their inner beauty, authenticity, and complete dedication to their discipline inspires you at many levels. This unique combination of a scientific temper with strong human values is what builds a deep connection with their students. We also feel. very grateful that our 14 year-old daughter was introduced to yoga by Tamar. Usually you can expect teenagers to make a face at the mention of yoga! Tamar was magically able to make it fun as well as beneficial to the teenagers. Our daughter would eagerly look forward to every single class with Tamar. And then diligently do her prescribed practice during vacations! Tamar has a special gift of connecting with youngsters. She inspires them to be mindful of their physical well being.

Sonia Singh
Brand Consultant
Warsaw, Poland

THEY ARE UNIQUE! Tamar and Henryk — yoga couple of this century! The day when I met Tamar and Henryk changed my entire life. I started a deep practice, attending several classes a week, with a group of equally hungry and committed students, who came together at Tamar and Henryk’s studio in Warsaw. The studio became our home! I learned from them every day and discovered a new universe in yoga. Tamar helped me in a very difficult moment of my life. Thanks to her and her teaching, I overcame a very heavy depression. After my recovery, with their blessing and encouragement, I joined the Iyengar Yoga Teachers Training with Rita Keller of Germany. When Henryk and Ta mar made the decision to move to Australia we were devastated, and Warsaw feels very grey without them, however, the teacher training they encouraged me to do, and the firm base of practice that was cultivated when I studied with them, keeps me stable and positive. I envy all those who will. take pleasure of joining them in the practice in their new Yoga school, but at the same time, I’m extremely thankful that I met them on my way and joined a circle of their friends.

Marta Rawska
Warsaw, Poland